How many Americans are ‘atheists.’ REALLY?

This blog summarizes the results of a half dozen reputable surveys that tell us the answer is between 3% and 5%.

Of course, it depends on how you define “atheist.” Which depends on how you define “God.” And I believe that the gold is not in the actual answer but in the dialogue that surrounds these questions. And we realize once more that “words don’t mean; people do.”

Like what’s the difference between atheists and agnostics? And among people who do believe in God, there’s a wide range of beliefs as well as certainty in those beliefs.

Are we talking about social identification rather than people’s actual beliefs? Some people who believe that God does not exist do not think of themselves as atheists.

And agnostics may believe in God but consider God unknowable. Others may “believe” in God, but not in the sense of having faith and following him as a guiding force. Read the blog at



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